Research Areas In Electrical Engineering

Research Area Summaries

AWC - Antenna and Wireless Communications

The Electrical Engineering Department has an internationally recognized faculty (two IEEE and ACES fellows) in the antennas and wireless communications areas with diverse but closely related interests and expertise in computational electromagnetics, electromagnetic radiation and scattering, antennas and antenna arrays, microwave circuits, radar, remote sensing, electromagnetic measurements, visualization, and wireless communications

ISS - Information and Systems Sciences

The Information and Systems Sciences (ISS) group is comprised of Professors Kathryn Johnson, Kevin Moore, Gongguo Tang, Tyrone Vincent, and Michael Wakin. These faculty share research and teaching interests related to control systems, signal and image processing, compressive sensing, and optimization.

The ISS group undertakes fundamental research into the development, characterization and implementation of algorithms for processing and acting upon data sources, as well as research directed towards applications in energy systems, image analysis, communication systems, and robotics.

ESPE - Energy Systems and Power Electronics

Smart-Grid and Renewable Energy Utility Integration --- This area of research is within the ESPE - Energy Systems and Power Electronics specialty group. We develop ac/dc microgrid distribution, fuel cell modeling, analysis and automation, development of induction generator transient analysis, advanced hybrid energy management control, wind and photovoltaic systems, power electronic converters and topologies, analysis and design of electrical machines and generators, distributed generation, smart-grid technology analysis, topologies and power quality, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, neural networks, multiagent systems.

Active Groups


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