Electrical Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Electrical Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Hisham Sager

Teaching Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Hisham Sager received a B.S. in Computer Engineering, M.S. in EE: Information & Systems Sciences, M.S. in Engineering Management, and M.S. in EE: Sensing, Communications & Control. He received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 2015. In 2016, he joined Mines as a Post-Doctoral fellow when he pursued a research in the area of Computer Vision. Before joining mines, he worked as an IT Engineer for 5 years.


Brown Hall 327A


Colorado School of Mines

  • BS, Computer Engineering
  • MS, Engineering Management
  • MS, Electrical Engineering: Sensing, Communications & Control
  • MS, Electrical Engineering: Information Systems
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering

Research Interests

  • embedded systems
  • image processing
  • computer vision
  • signal processing
  • pattern recognition
  • pedestrian detection
  • activity recognition
  • human detection in surveillance videos.

Taught Courses

EENG 281: Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Electronics and Power
EENG 282: Electrical Circuits
EENG 284: Digital Logic
EENG 307: Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
EENG 310: Information Systems Science I
EENG 383: Microcomputer Architecture & Interfacing
EENG 385: Electronic Devices And Circuits
EENG 350: Systems Exploration and Engineering Design Lab

Microcomputer Architecture & Interfacing focuses on the assembly and programming of an 8-bit microcontroller in a lab environment. Dr. Sager instructs students on the use of Embedded C and teaches essential skills such as: signal generation and acquisition, interrupts, and a variety of serial data interfaces.

#4 Top 25 Brainiest Colleges, #1 in Colorado (Lumosity, 2019)

6 faculty fellows of the professional organization IEEE

teacher icon19:1 student-faculty ratio

student icon#2 in combining scholarly research and classroom instruction (Wall Street Journal, 2016)

piggy bank#1 for career return on investment (Georgetown University, 2019), #2 best college value (Money Magazine, 2018)