Electrical Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Electrical Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Hisham Sager

Teaching Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Hisham Sager received a B.S. in Computer Engineering, M.S. in EE: Information & Systems Sciences, M.S. in Engineering Management, and M.S. in EE: Sensing, Communications & Control. He received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 2015. In 2016, he joined Mines as a Post-Doctoral fellow when he pursued a research in the area of Computer Vision. Before joining mines, he worked as an IT Engineer for 5 years.


Brown Hall 330G


Colorado School of Mines

  • BS, Computer Engineering
  • MS, Engineering Management
  • MS, Electrical Engineering: Sensing, Communications & Control
  • MS, Electrical Engineering: Information Systems
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Electrical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Research Interests

  • embedded systems
  • image processing
  • computer vision
  • signal processing
  • pattern recognition
  • pedestrian detection
  • activity recognition
  • human detection in surveillance videos.

Dr. Sager has been working in the research area of people detection and activity recognition in videos. Specifically, he has worked and published about the task of pedestrian detection in low resolution surveillance videos taken by stationary outdoor cameras mounted on high buildings and cameras mounted on aerial platforms such as a helicopter or drones. This work has applications in the industrial, academic, and government settings including search and rescue, law enforcement, border monitoring, and more.

One illustration of the work is below. The pictures show results of this work on videos taken from an aerial vehicle as well as a stationary camera. The research allows for automatic detection of people in surveillance videos. This was applied with standard datasets.

Sager Research photo 2 Sager Research photo 1 Sager research photo 3

Sample of research results (video from the Handbook of Robotics): http://handbookofrobotics.org/view-chapter/61/videodetails/678

Courses Taught

EENG 281: Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Electronics and Power
EENG 282: Electrical Circuits
EENG 284: Digital Logic
EENG 307: Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
EENG 310: Information Systems Science I
EENG 311: Information Systems Science II
EENG 383: Microcomputer Architecture & Interfacing
EENG 385: Electronic Devices And Circuits
EENG 350: Systems Exploration and Engineering Design Lab
EENG 391: Computational Methods for electrical Engineering
EENG 423: Introduction to VLSI Design
EENG 437: Computer Vision
EENG 507: Computer Vision (Graduate level course) 

In Microcomputer Embedded Systems, Dr. Sager guides 60 to 80 students per term in the assembly and programming of an 8-bit microcontroller in a lab environment. Students also exercise many of the subsystems built in to most microcontrollers, including signal generation and acquisition, and a variety of serial data interfaces, interrupts, all programmed in embedded C.

#4 Top 25 Brainiest Colleges, #1 in Colorado (Lumosity, 2019)

6 faculty fellows of the professional organization IEEE

teacher icon19:1 student-faculty ratio

student icon#2 in combining scholarly research and classroom instruction (Wall Street Journal, 2016)

piggy bank#1 for career return on investment (Georgetown University, 2019), #2 best college value (Money Magazine, 2018)