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Electrical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines

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Average salary for electrical engineers with bachelor’s degrees (PayScale)


Average salary for electrical engineers with master’s degrees (PayScale)


Average salary for electrical engineers with PhDs (PayScale)

Where You’ll Work

Colorado School of Mines graduates in electrical engineering go on to be employed in a variety of industries, from aerospace and construction to public research laboratories and utilities, and for companies of every type and size, including Lockheed Martin, Xcel Energy, Raytheon and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Interns have earned as much as $80 an hour in summer positions.

Overall, Mines is one of the top universities in the U.S. for return on investment, whether that’s immediately after graduation or decades later. One study ranks Mines No. 1 among its peer group of public and non-maritime universities for ROI 30 and 40 years after earning a degree, and 19th overall among 4,500 two- and four-year public and private institutions. Money Magazine ranked Mines No. 2 among public colleges for ROI 20 years after graduation and beyond.

More statistics on salaries and outcomes are available from the Mines Career Center. View 2019 Career Outcomes »

Why Companies Keep Hiring Mines Grads

#4 Top 25 Brainiest Colleges, #1 in Colorado (Lumosity, 2019)

6 faculty fellows of the professional organization IEEE

teacher icon19:1 student-faculty ratio

student icon#2 in combining scholarly research and classroom instruction (Wall Street Journal, 2016)

piggy bank#1 for career return on investment (Georgetown University, 2019), #2 best college value (Money Magazine, 2018)