Electrical Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Electrical Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Salman Mohagheghi

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Salman Mohagheghi

Dr. Mohagheghi received the B.Eng. from University of Tehran, Iran, the M.Sc. from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, and the Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA all in Electrical Engineering. He joined Colorado School of Mines in January 2011 to pursue research and teaching interests in various areas of power and energy systems. Prior to joining Mines, he was a Senior R&D Engineer at ABB Corporate Research Center, Raleigh, NC, where he worked on design and implementation of solutions for advanced distribution automation systems and distributed energy management.  Dr. Mohagheghi’s current research focuses on the intersection of energy, environment, and society.


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  • B.Sc. Power Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, 1999
  • M.S. Power Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2001
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006

Research Areas

  • Power system operation and management
  • Power grid resilience
  • Renewable energies
  • Energy justice
  • Healthcare equity
  • Data science and machine learning

Selected Publications

  • J. Dugan, D. Byles, and S. Mohagheghi, “Social Vulnerability to Long-Duration Power Outages,” International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, vol. 85, February 2023.
  • A. Daeli and S. Mohagheghi, “Power Grid Infrastructural Resilience against Extreme Events,” Energies, vol. 16, no. 1, January 2023.
  • S. Mohagheghi, M. Gharipour, C. DeClrecq, A. Bui, and T. Intisarameen, “Identifying Optimal Locations for Potential Temporary Community Clinics During Public Health Emergencies,” Health Environments Research & Design Journal, vol. 16, no. 1, 2023, pp. 113–130.
  • A. Almazroui and S. Mohagheghi, “Coordinated Control of Electric Vehicles and PV Resources in an Unbalanced Power Distribution System,” Energies, vol. 15, no. 24, December 2022.
  • K. Alboaouh and S. Mohagheghi, “Voltage, Var and Watt Optimization for a Distribution System with High PV Penetration: A Probabilistic Study,” Electric Power System Research, vol. 180, pp. 1–11, March 2020.
  • K. Alboaouh and S. Mohagheghi, “Impact of Rooftop Photovoltaics on the Distribution System,” Journal of Renewable Energy, vol. 2020, pp. 1–23, 2020.
  • M. Choobineh, A. Speake, M. Harris, P.C. Tabares-Velasco, and S. Mohagheghi, “End-User-Aware Community Energy Management in a Distribution System Exposed to Extreme Temperatures,” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 3753–3764, July 2019.
  • M. Choobineh, D. Silva-Ortiz, and S. Mohagheghi, “An Automation Scheme for Emergency Operation of a Multi-Microgrid Industrial Park,” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 54, no. 6, pp. 6450–6459, November/December 2018.
  • S. Frank, J. Sexauer, and S. Mohagheghi, “Temperature Dependent Power Flow,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 4007–4018, November 2013.
  • Sexauer and S. Mohagheghi, “Voltage Quality Assessment in a Distribution System with Distributed Generation – A Probabilistic Load Flow Approach,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 1652–1662, July 2013.

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